CSI - Corporate Social Responsibilty

Mathoho Projects recognizes its obligations to act responsibly, ethically and with integrity in its dealings with the community. Mathoho Electrical encourages and engages in various community development initiatives.

CSI Objectives

  • We shall endeavor to make efforts to provide assistance to all the needy within our community.
  • Support all initiatives envisaged to better the lives of our people especially the disadvantaged.

Focus On Education

We are focused on supporting education across South Africa because we believe that our CSI initiatives should contribute to building a thriving economy that is vital to our collective destiny, and which will light the way to financial prosperity for generations to come.

As a result, we contribute each year to community development activities across South Africa. In addition, we control our own CSI initiatives and budgets that are aligned to the needs of the communities in which we operate. We work with registered project partners, and our educational involvement is focused at five key areas. By focusing on these specific areas, we are able to support a lifetime of learning within our communities.

Mpho Mathoho Foundation

The Mpho Mathoho Foundation was started by Mpho Mathoho, entrepreneur and founder of Mathoho Electrical and Projects who comes from a very humble beginnings, paving his way amid often trying circumstances towards establishing what is today one of the most successful electrical construction companies in south Africa. It is as a direct results of the influences in his formative years that Mpho Mathoho has a desire to give back to the communities he comes from, lives and works in today.

The association is a non-profit organisation established with the objective of working within the framework of the act of South Africa for education, culture, sports and social well –being of the Limpopo and Gauteng communities. Our aim is to support the principle that community should be controlled and operated at local level by politically independent bodies not attached to any religious, political or business interests.

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The goal is to ensure the fullest possible community representation participation and governance in all aspects of the organization by creating awareness about the concept of Mpho Mathoho foundation through marketing, community outreach and education to encourage and ensure ongoing community participation at all levels.



  • Mathoho Electrical provides direct support to underprivileged primary schools.
  • We assist primary schools with the development and production of educational / study materials for learners.


  • Providing video and interactive media support to learners and teachers.
  • Providing extra tuition in Mathematics and Science, as well as teaching support for teachers.
  • Partnering with leadership programmes to identify influential learners and grow their leadership skills.


Contributing to entrepreneurial development projects by enabling job creation for the youth


Supporting training programmes which aim to increase the number of professionally-trained educators, particularly in areas where there is critical skills shortages.