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Are blood thinners and alcohol safe to mix?

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When you get hurt, blood cells called platelets gather at the injury site and form a blood clot. Clotting factors are also released from platelets that help form a mesh to form the plug to close the wound. Never increase or decrease your dose unless told to do so by your health care professional. In this article, we will explore the different types of blood thinners, common blood thinner brands, their uses, and crucial information on how to take them. Okay, but can you switch medications to make it safer to imbibe? Like vitamin K, these all contain compounds that can counteract the good things that blood thinners do.

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blood thinners and alcohol

The goal of warfarin therapy is to decrease the clotting tendency of blood, not to prevent clotting completely. The effect of warfarin must be monitored carefully with blood testing. Based on the results of the blood test, your daily dose of warfarin will be adjusted to keep your clotting time within a target range. The blood test used to measure the time it takes for blood to clot is referred to as a prothrombin time test, or protime (PT).

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People can speak to their doctor if they think they or someone they know may have AUD. Additionally, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) offers guidance on finding treatment and support for AUD. Our experts continually monitor the health and wellness space, and we update our articles when new information becomes available.

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People who take blood thinners will notice that a cut or nick takes longer to stop bleeding and that they bruise more easily. But serious bleeding, such as bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract or brain, can occur. In the coagulation cascade, damaged tissue sets off a cascade of events that activates several proteins in the blood, called clotting factors.

  • According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, published by the U.S.
  • You’ll soon start receiving the latest Mayo Clinic health information you requested in your inbox.
  • Blood thinners are medications that treat and prevent blood clots.
  • While some alcohol may be safe, specific situations should be discussed with a doctor.
  • Lee is an Ohio-based board-certified physician specializing in cardiovascular diseases and internal medicine.
  • Even if you have a normally functioning liver and kidneys, alcohol can limit your liver’s ability to metabolize other compounds.

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blood thinners and alcohol

Reach out to one of our understanding team members today to learn more about how we can help you achieve a healthier, alcohol-free life in recovery. Alcohol use should be limited while using Savaysa because it increases the risk of internal bleeding. While some alcohol use may be permissible in certain situations, you should consult with a doctor or pharmacist about your specific situation. Much like Pradaxa, alcohol also increases the effects of Arixtra. This is doubly dangerous, as you are more likely to have an injury while intoxicated and are at higher risk for severe bleeding.

  • Speak with a healthcare professional about the benefits and risks.
  • Other medicines and supplements, including over-the-counter ones, can interfere with these drugs.
  • Research has found that alcohol affects the process of blood coagulation.

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Depending on the location in the body and whether the clot blocks blood vessels, a thrombosis can be life threatening. Though Beckner and Dr. Alvarado strongly encourage their patients taking anticoagulants to abstain from alcohol altogether, they do agree that moderate, sporadic use could be okay blood thinners and alcohol for certain individuals. Despite their name, blood thinners (also called anticoagulants) don’t actually thin your blood. They work by keeping your blood from sticking together in a clump (clotting). Blood thinners keep a clot where it is and from getting bigger and prevent new clots from forming.


“Coagulation” is a term used to describe the process of blood cells known as platelets sticking together. When a person experiences an injury, those platelets travel to the area to form together into a blood clot to stop the bleeding. According to the above review, daily drinking of significant amounts of alcohol can increase platelet aggregation and reactivity, meaning it may increase the risk of blood clots. A person who is uncertain whether they can drink alcohol while taking blood thinners should speak with a doctor. Anyone who experiences severe symptoms, such as constant bleeding, intense pain, or dizziness, should seek emergency care. There are no specific warnings about consuming alcohol while taking other blood thinners.

Alcohol’s effect on the brain

But having more than three alcoholic drinks daily could increase your risk for a type of stroke caused by bleeding in the brain (hemorrhagic strokes). When you’re injured, blood cells called platelets rush to the injury site. Platelets also release proteins called clotting factors that form a plug to close the hole. Doctors and pharmacists can advise people whether they should avoid or limit their alcohol use while taking blood thinners.

  • Blood thinners are drugs your doctor prescribes to prevent blood clots that can cause a heart attack or stroke.
  • You may need them if you’ve already had a heart attack or a stroke, since they can lower your risk of having a second one.
  • This helps prevent blood clots from lodging in the heart, causing a heart attack; in the brain, causing a stroke; or in the lungs, causing a pulmonary embolism.
  • However, moderate consumption doesn’t significantly affect the metabolism of warfarin.

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They can break down existing clots or prevent clots from forming in the first place. These medications can help stop life-threatening conditions like strokes, heart attacks and pulmonary embolisms, all of which can happen because of blood clots. The process of blood clotting is very complex, with multiple chains of chemical reactions called the “clotting cascade” that must occur to develop a blood clot.

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