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25 engaging ice breakers for virtual meetings that wont bore your team!

Michael Picco
Michael Picco

Technical Director - Energy & Environment

This game is always funny, and there’s a reason it’s a crowd favorite. If you want to make it more playful, turn this activity into a competition by giving people a set amount of time to find more obscure/unique items. Out of everyone who was able to find something in the given amount of time, participants can then vote on which object is the “best fit” for the category. With so many people working remotely, this is a fun and easy way to start conversation about where people are located and what their current work environment is like.

You can use our integrations with Google Slides and PowerPoint to insert the poll directly into your slides.

Tell Us Which City You’re in Without Telling Us Which City You’re in

Even if you’re not artistic, this game is absolutely funny and fun. Gartic Phone gives you a short time frame to sketch photos based on other players’ prompts—and can result in some hilarious artwork. The next task is for participants to line up the animal in order, from the tiniest to the largest. Finally, the leader will ask the players to reveal the name of the chosen animal to confirm whether the guesses and the order is correct.

Get around that problem by asking people to discuss their favorite family meal from any holiday. Food makes memories in every culture, so everyone will probably have an answer they’ll look forward to sharing. Parents, guardians, and teachers always encourage kids to dream about what they want to be when they grow up. Encourage your coworkers to share what they once wanted to be. Whether they achieved it or not, the answers will be tiny peeks into their personalities. Some people may not have grown up with board games, so ask if they played any video games instead.

One Word at a Time

This method is adapted from the well-known icebreaker ‘Two Truths And A Lie’ to create an activity that you could return to throughout a meeting. This can help foster personal connections and build rapport among team members, leading to improved collaboration and communication during the meeting. Choosing the wrong type of icebreaker can lead to discomfort among participants. It’s crucial to select an icebreaker appropriate for the group’s size, the individuals’ backgrounds, and the nature of the meeting.

  • Combining movement and questions can be an effective way to warm-up both the body and the mind.
  • Start by sharing the image of the crew of a pirate ship and ask each person to choose who they most identify with.
  • A simple and short group game all about trying to make each other crack a smile.
  • Simply adjust how fun and difficult you want the questions to be and enter a theme, then watch as creative, hilarious, and thought-provoking This or That pairs are generated.
  • Next, ask everyone to add a coloured dot to each dimension based on whether they’re crushing it or have room to improve.
  • They can get to know one another’s tastes and share a few of their favorites.

If you want people to get out of the office, you also can have your icebreaker be a mini scavenger hunt. It can be around town, around the office, or around the building. Here’s a list of my favorite icebreakers to avoid having those awkward meetings. Zoo Line-up is one of the most creative icebreaker ideas for Zoom meetings.

If you could choose to have any superpower, which would you choose?

The lead player may twist or omit a detail of a true story to make that one sentence untrue or can completely fabricate a fact. The rest of the participants guess which of the statements is a lie. Once all the participants have made their guesses, the lead player will reveal icebreakers for virtual meetings the untrue statement. Finally, the lead player will pass a turn to one member who guessed correctly. Charades are appropriate for teams of all ages, thus, a handy icebreaker activity for employees and students. Have everyone turn their webcams on to humanize the experience.

online meeting ice breakers

Looking to unlock the hidden architects within your team and promote a bit of friendly competition? The “Lego Tower Challenge” is the perfect way to engage your team. This hands-on activity encourages teamwork, creativity, and quick thinking under time constraints. If you’ve never played Codenames, this one’s a great starter icebreaker that’s super helpful if you want to boost creativity.

And in the call you can put the song with no lyrics and the first person who guesses it wins. Or, you can do a round where each member puts a song and you all answer, that way you also participate in the game. In the first place, sometimes, especially when the week is starting, people want to have a quick meeting and get started with their work.

  • This fun game is great for introducing new colleagues or getting to know each other better.
  • Chat Waterfall is an effective way of getting contributions from large groups and avoiding cross-talk.
  • You can even modify this activity to have your group vote on the best pair of shoes or story!

Mugs have a delightful way to infuse a bit of personality and fun into the moment. So how about inviting your team to share their favorite coffee mug or tea cup (or tumbler,water bottle, etc) and tell the story behind it? It’s amazing how something as simple as a mug can hold so much meaning and create a sense of camaraderie among colleagues. That’s why this ice-breaker is a fun way to get people engaged and excited to share a personal tidbit (and bonus points, it has nothing to do with work). To do this ice-breaker, everyone should choose an image that represents their hometown, and set it as their virtual background or take turns sharing the image in the chat. Instead of having awkward silence while everyone logs on, play some upbeat music.

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